The National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property (INNORPI) published in August 2022, a specific Tunisian standard relating to dates powder 8 Septembre 2022

Tunisia is ranked, for several years, the leader in the world export of fresh dates. Recently, Tunisia begins to make progress in the export of date derivatives. In order to position Tunisia as a leading country in this sector, INNORPI with the support of GIDATTES, the Ministry of Industry and the PAMPAT project (UNIDO/SECO) has published a specific Tunisian standard relating to the date powder. Thus, Tunisia has become the first and only country in the world to standardize the characteristics of this miraculous product known for its nutritional values, which is considered a 100% natural and nutritious sweetener that can be a very good alternative to refined sugars. This new standard aims to further encourage Tunisian exports related to the sector derived from dates, which, despite the global economic crisis, continue to record a clear upward trend.