Since its creation, Jektis Agro is committed to the quality of its date products. This is reflected in the establishment of a Quality Management System demanding, rigorous and federating all our teams around a common goal: the satisfaction of our customers. Thus, we guarantee that the export of our products is carried out with the highest standards of quality throughout the supply chain.


FSSC 22000: Ensuring Food Safety

The FSSC 22000 standard is at the core of all our training and ongoing professional development. This standard enables us to stay consistently at the forefront of an ever-evolving agri-food sector. We are proud to announce that we are certified according to version 5.1 of the FSSC 22000 standard.

For Jektis Agro, FSSC 22000 certification entails the establishment of a robust management system that integrates all procedures with a direct or indirect impact on food safety. This system allows us to trace and assess all our processes comprehensively, enabling us to detect potential vulnerabilities more quickly and effectively that could compromise the integrity of our food chain.

Certification BIO

For the last ten years, producing and consuming differently has been attractive. The national and international demand is strongly expanding: 9 consumers out of 10 consume in part BIO.

Jektis Agro is committed to respecting the standards of organic production defined by the European legislation and the USDA Organic Regulations for its activities of production and export of dates packaged with or without pits, branched natural dates, standard natural dates, dates pastes, dates powder and dates syrup.