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Jektis Agro was founded in 2019 as an establishment oriented towards the export and valorization of the most prestigious variety of dates “Deglet Nour”. We are constantly aiming at perfection and guaranteeing better quality to international markets all over the world. JektisAgro has an ultra-modern factory located in the economic activity park of Zarzis, at the level of the maritime coast in the south of Tunisia.


The passion for the cultivation of date palms has been shared by the founder with all his collaborators. This makes the whole team of Jektis Agro united and committed to the same principles: provide customers with the best quality dates. We work specifically with the most appreciated variety in the world “Deglet Nour” also known under the name “Finger of Light” because of its elongated shape and its translucency which lets appear the core.
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Day after day, we satisfy our customers on all levels with quality, punctuality, flexibility, speed, sophisticated logistics and a customer-oriented service mentality. This includes fast, smooth communication and guaranteed immediate processing of your requests in order to deliver fresh, fast products with the desired quality. Our quality standards are supported by a food safety system that meets the requirements of the international IFS & BRC standards


Throughout our production process we, always, aim to ensure environmental sustainability, conserving energy, water and other resources. In this context and as an influential and active company in the region, we have enrolled in a waste recovery program in partnership with a livestock cooperative in the region. The target actions consist in providing free of charge the waste from the dates to the breeders who will use it as cattle feed.

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